Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, no matter where you are in the world.

When will the eggs/questions be unlocked?

New eggs will “crack” to reveal a new question every day at 09:00 AM EDT, except for the weekends and April 15 and 18.

What if I miss a day?

If you miss a day, you can go back to hunt the previous “eggs”.

Where are the answers hidden?

You can find most of the answers in the Developer Community forum by reading through the posts and comments. Other answers will be hidden throughout Solace resources, such as:
Solace Developer portal
Solace Developer Codelabs
Solace YouTube channel
Solace Developer Samples on GitHub.

Will there be any hints?

Follow us on Twitter (@solacedevs) for the occasional hint!

How will the winners be selected?

The winners are selected based on how many “eggs” they find. In other words, whoever gets the highest number of correct answers to the questions will be the winners. In case of a tie, we will hold a random draw.

When will the winners be announced?

We will announce the winners shortly after the event.